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Since 1962, the National Police Bloodhound Association has been your trusted source for information relative to the use of the purebred bloodhound in the field of law enforcement.

The NPBA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of the man trailing bloodhound.

Introducing a pristine, uncontaminated scent item of a lost loved one to a law enforcement team bloodhound and handler, expedites the opportunity for success to track/trail and locate them.

The NPBA recommends that every family member secure a Find’em Scent Safe™ of their own.  It is a complete scent collection and storage system.  It provides peace of mind, that if a loved one is lost or goes missing, their scent item is ready and available to expedite the law enforcement search and rescue teams.

Our thanks to the NPBA for supplying several of the photos that appear on this site.

“As any K-9 handler can attest, one of the most important aspects to a successful trail is a good start. With the Find’em system, the K-9 team is assured a viable  uncontaminated scent article to start the trail. The Find’em system also allows the the scent article to be picked up from the missing person’s residence and brought to another location without having to worry about cross contamination or getting the wrong scent article. This saves valuable time and allows the K-9 team to get to work faster with a reliable scent article. With the Find’em system a key element of the “good start” is assured.”

-Cpl. Allen Russell
K-9 Handler/Trainer
Blount County, TN

“As a former K-9 officer and trainer, I can’t stress enough the importance of a good start when time is of the essence and your deploying a K-9 team to get the job done. There is no single better way to increase their chance of success, but to provide them with a uncontaminated scent article of the individual you want to find!”

-Mitch Serlin
Westchester County Police Dept. (retired)
K-9 bloodhound handler
Trainer of bloodhound teams, narcotic detection, explosive detection

“My name is Jim Pacetti. I have been a Police Officer for the past 24 years with a Sheriff’s Department in the Chicago Metropolitan area and a Canine handler for the past 17 years. I have been extremely privileged to travel throughout the county and receive some of the best canine training this field has to offer.

Reflecting back on the countless positive searches and finds my partners and I have done, is something I could never forget. However, the searches that have been performed with no success are the ones I try to learn from the most. One thing I can truly attest to is the importance of a good sound start using a scent article with a little contamination as possible.

Presenting a quality scent article to the K-9 is the foundation and core of any successful trail. Having the ability to present a quality scent article gives the K-9 team a higher percentage of accomplishing our goal, finding the person we are looking for and bringing them home. The Find’em Scent Kit is a tool that offers a K-9 team a chance to get that successful start when time is of the essence.”

-Jim Pacetti
Dual K-9 Handler
Chicago Metropolitan Sheriff’s Department

“As an instructor with the National Police Bloodhound Association, and a member since 1995, I know and stress the importance of introducing a good scent article to your dog when minutes or even seconds count. This product helps the handler with that uncontaminated article to give his dog the best chance at a good start to a successful trail conclusion. It’s like a smoke detector. You don’t need it until you need it. Then it’s the best investment you ever made.”

-Sgt James Dimmock
Waterford Connecticut Police Department
National Police Bloodhound Association Instructor

I Trust the National Police Bloodhound Association

“When a child is missing, you want every resource available immediately. In the worst cases of child abduction, over 72% are murdered within the first three hours. Having a good scent sample can be as important as having a recent photograph. This is the new and improved Child I.D. Kit. It can save a life.”

Erin Runnion – Founding Director of The Joyful Child Foundation

Stories of Survival, Compassion and Commitment

Kelli, a bloodhound K-9 officer working for Cook County Sheriff’s police department saved the life of a 24-year-old Evergreen Park man, when he led officers to the man’s location.

On August 8, 2013, Illinois’s Cook County Sheriff office received various reports of a suspicious car parked near the 3400 block of West 119th Street in Chicago. Police officers learned the owner of the car, the 24-year-old man, intended to hurt himself and end his life.

Immediately, a search unit was organized and officers used helicopters, thermal imaging cameras and a K-9 unit to locate him. The victim was found in a wooded area near Merrionette Park thanks to Kelli and its trained tracking sense.

The suicidal man had injuries to his wrist and was found lying on the ground. A police medic treated him on the scene before paramedics arrived to take him to a local hospital to receive treatment.

Kelli, the hero K-9 officer, did its job saving one more life.

Stories of Success

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The Bloodhound – A Reliable Witness

The Bloodhounds are the oldest of the scent hounds and the one having the keenest sense of smell of any dog. That also means the Bloodhound is popular as a working dog in tracking a police suspect or in a search and rescue operation. A Bloodhound is indeed one of the few breeds, if not the only one, whose testimony can be upheld in a court of law.

~ AmericanBloodhoundClub.org

I Believe in Bloodhounds!