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Maywood Police Department (NJ) Forms the First Law Enforcement Partnership in the Country with Find’Em Scent Safe – January 2020

Exciting partnership announced this week between the Maywood Police Department (NJ) and Find’em Scent Safe, making free kits available for eligible residents and providing invaluable help in future missing person cases. Chris Nichols, Detective/K9 Handler with the Maywood, NJ, Police Department and head of its K9 unit, will lead this game-changing initiative along with K9 Remi, a talented and highly trained 2-year-old female Bloodhound!

Find’em on CSI Atlanta CBS 46 – December 2019

Find’Em Scent Safe Endorsed by The Autism Dad Rob Gorski – November 2019

What’s a gift option that shows how much you care? Not socks, a video game or a gift card. How about the Find’em™ Scent Safe? Find’em is endorsed as a proactive way to protect children, older adults, those with Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease as well as Autism.

Find’em is a scent collection and storage system that’s intended to assist a search dog team with a viable, uncontaminated scent article of a missing person. “A person’s scent is as unique as their fingerprint,” explains Find’em Scent Safe Developer Dr. Coby Webb. “When someone is missing, a search dog can determine the direction for other resources to begin looking. Deploying a dog team is  proven to save invaluable time in locating loved ones.”

Dr. Webb is a police captain and bloodhound handler who has assisted with hundreds of missing person cases throughout her law enforcement career, “Using Find’em is very similar to the mindset behind having insurance or doing anything else annually to ensure peace of mind. I like to explain that the thinking is, ‘if I buy Find’em, I hope I never need it. However, if I do, having an uncontaminated scent item to give to law enforcement dog/handler teams is a huge leap forward.’”

How does Find’em compare to using a GPS tracker? “Technology is wonderful, however, as with GPS trackers, batteries can fail when most needed. Signals can be blocked and dropped in various areas and weather conditions, as well as software must be continually updated. Nothing replaces a trained search dog’s nose!” adds Dr. Webb.

Find’em was recently put to the recently in Charlotte, N.C. when Dr. Webb appeared on WBTV. As shown in the video, collecting a person’s scent item with Find’em takes less than 10 minutes and is simple. When stored properly in a freezer, the scent collection item is usable for 12 months.

To make gifting Find’em even more appealing, 20% savings are available online through Dec. 25.

Find’em™ is endorsed by the National Police Bloodhound Association.  

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Find’Em Scent Safe on The Mom Kind by Alicia Trautwein – November 2019

Having three autistic children, the worry of wandering is high.  While our oldest is not one to often elope, our two younger ones will.  We do use GPS devices for them, but sometimes that is not enough.  Electronics may work most of the time, but some variables can make them not as efficient.  They can be taken off, clothing attached can be removed, or battery/technology failures.  That is why I am so thankful to have found a game-changing product.  The Find’ Em Safe Scent allows families to collect and store uncontaminated scent samples. 


These scent samples are saved for use by law enforcement & K9 search teams should your loved one go missing. Time matters when finding someone who is lost, and most families are unable to provide a clean scent for a K9.  You see, whenever we interact with our children (hug, kiss, they wear our jacket, etc.) our smell gets mixed with theirs.  Having a clean sample is vital to a quick recovery!

The Find'em Scent Safe provides a way to collect and store uncontaminated scent samples for use by law enforcement #autismparenting #specialneedsparenting #findemscentsafe

The Find’em Scent Safe is a scent collection and storage system.  It was developed by decorated police K9 handler, Dr. Coby Webb.  Find’em Scent Safe provides families a way to keep an uncontaminated scent sample on hand.

Each Scent Safe arrives in a sterile package and includes step by step instructions for obtaining a scent sample, as well as instructions on proper storage.


The Find’ Em Scent Safe kit is perfect for anyone who is at risk for wandering or getting lost.  Autistic children and other children with special needs can greatly benefit from this kit, but they aren’t the only ones.  These are also great for elderly loved ones, avid travelers, the outdoors type, and anyone that will be off alone.   

As you can see, the whole family can truly benefit from having a scent safe each!  

Should you ever need to use the scent safe, this is how it works.  First, you will hand over the airtight sample to the K9 handler on call.  They will then be able to provide their K9 officer the smell for tracking.  Since the scent is exclusive to the person and not contaminated, the dog can hone in on their scent quickly.  Being able to do this allows for a much quicker recovery of the individual. 

One of the best things about the Find’Em Safe Scent kit is it takes away additional stress.  When someone goes missing, families struggle to find the clothing or another item with a clean scent on it.  Having this kit on hand helps you skip past that confusion so you can focus on what matters, finding your loved one. 


Find’em Scent Safe sells a single scent kit for just $19.99 $15.99! Packages of up to 5 kits are also offered, as well as specialty kits that utilize a stuffed Bloodhound dog as the scent article. The specialty kits start at $34.99 $30.99!  These kits are geared towards young children and those with special needs.  We loved receiving these kits as our child gets an adorable reward for letting us get a scent sample!

Alicia Trautwein is an autism parenting coach living in Missouri. She is the creator behind The Mom Kind, a website dedicated to parenting neurodiverse families.  She is featured in the “Amazing Moms” coffee table book by Hogan Hilling & Dr. Elise Ho.  She shares her expertise along with her experience in parenting children, both with and without autism.

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