What is the Find’em Scent Safe?

I Want My Loved One to use the Find’em Scent Safe

“I developed the Find’emTM Scent Safe to help you locate your loved one.” ~ Dr. Coby Webb

Dr. Webb is a decorated Police Captain and an accomplished handler of bloodhounds. She knows how devoted handlers are to their dogs and vice-versa because she has trained the best of them. Dr. Webb also knows that these handler/dog teams are here to serve people in need. They have devoted themselves to the rigorous training required to develop the tools to achieve success in search and rescue operations. These handlers, officers and military personnel often put themselves at risk, along with their dogs, in the line of duty. She developed the Scent Safe to give these brave teams the best advantage they can have when tracking a lost loved one, a pristine, uncontaminated scent item.

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National Police Bloodhound Association (NPBA)

“Setting the Standard” for others to follow

Since 1962, the National Police Bloodhound Association has been your trusted source for information relative to the use of the purebred bloodhound in the field of law enforcement.

The NPBA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of the man trailing bloodhound.

Introducing a pristine, uncontaminated scent item of a lost loved one to a law enforcement team bloodhound and handler, expedites the opportunity for success to track/trail and locate them.

The NPBA recommends that every family member secure a Find’em Scent Safe™ of their own.  It is a complete scent collection and storage system.  It provides peace of mind, that if a loved one is lost or goes missing, their scent item is ready and available to expedite the law enforcement search and rescue teams.

Read Dr. Coby Webb’s Full Bio

Dr. Coby Webb started her law enforcement career in 1992 when she knew her goal was to be a police officer and eventually a K-9 handler.  While working a patrol assignment, she was asked to research the need of a Bloodhound for the Sheriff’s Department.

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She found there was a local volunteer and other volunteers in neighboring counties working Bloodhounds for her Department.

She began to attend the volunteer training and found other sworn officers were starting Bloodhound programs for their Departments. She was told and believed these dogs could track hours old trails and were able to scent discriminate. She wrote the proposal for her Department to start a Bloodhound program, but it was denied. She was told if she volunteered her time and proved the Bloodhound was “reliable, needed, and an asset” for the Department, they may adopt the program.

Coby Webb obtained a Bloodhound from a working litter and volunteered her time and attended tracking/trailing schools in Colorado, Maryland, New York, and South Carolina. She obtained tracking certifications for her Bloodhound and began call outs on her own time.

Soon her Bloodhound began finding suspects hiding and a lost hiker, which saved countless man-hours. Sheriff’s Administration realized the benefits of a bloodhound program and adopted the program into the Sheriff’s Department.

Coby Webb believed the bloodhound program was a success due to the:

  • Numerous people she had located / found.
  • Support she received from law enforcement agencies utilizing the Bloodhounds.
  • High volume of requests that were received by officers who realized the bloodhound program was an asset to their investigations.

Coby Webb’s goal was always to be a patrol dog handler and she volunteered her own time with the canine team to agitate (position as a decoy) and help in any way needed. She tested for a canine position and was selected as a canine handler with a Belgian Malinois in 2000. Webb became the first and only “dual handler” with the Sheriff’s Department.

During her K-9 years, Coby received many distinguished awards that include; Officer of the Year, Distinguished Service Medal, CPOA (California Peace Officers Association) Officer of Distinction, Hero’s Award, and AKC Honorable Mention 2 years in a row, along with numerous commendations.

Coby’s Bloodhounds, Maggie Mae, & Abbigail, were on the FBI’s call-out list and responded to Samantha Runnion and Danielle Van Damm kidnappings along with other high-profile cases. She has also worked numerous SWAT missions with her Bloodhound at local and national levels including the Sierra SWAT Challenge for several years. She was also asked to participate and teach tracking/trailing with SWAT for Urban Shield.

Coby earned her Instructor, Evaluator, and Judge Certifications for tracking/trailing for all dog breeds. She does not believe Bloodhounds are the only dog breed that can scent discriminate and trail. She stayed in the K-9 program for years and worked four patrol dogs. Coby furthered her patrol dog experience by attending K-9 SWAT schools with her patrol dog and worked two narcotic dogs.

Coby became the K-9 Sergeant for a 22-dog program for her Department. In 2010, she traveled to Africa and assisted the Mara Conservancy with tracking poachers. Coby receives continual invites to travel international and teach tracking/trailing for all breeds.

Dr. Coby Webb is a Board Member and Instructor for the National Police Bloodhound Association, a Police Captain in Southern California, and trains Bloodhounds in Southern California for several large law enforcement agencies on the west coast.  She is a Recognized Court Expert in Scent Discrimination and Tracking/Trailing and is consulted on high profile cases regarding tracking evidence.

Dr. Webb earned a Doctorate Degree in Management with a focus on Organizational Leadership in 2010.  It is during this period that she invented the Find’em Scent Safe to give bloodhounds a superior opportunity for successful tracking/trailing of individuals.  She is a mother of twins, who also care for and raise their own bloodhounds.


I Want My Loved One to Have the Added Security of a Find’em Scent Safe

A Message from Dr. Coby Webb

Coby Webb is not only a captain and a doctor, she is also a mother. She took a few moments to share with us the reasons she developed the Find’em Scent Safe. Her dogs are a big part of her family and family comes first. Dr. Webb explains the importance of the Find’em Scent Safe for you, your loved ones, your entire family and the dogs trained to serve in your time of need.

No One Wants to be a Statistic

The images below are from a video we created in 2013. Some of the numbers have changed and some remain the same, but the most important thing is that you can provide your loved ones with an added layer of security by using the Find’em Scent Safe.


  • According to NCMEC, as of 2016 there were 859,500 registered sex offenders in United States.
  • An estimated 5.7 million Americans of all ages are living with Alzheimer’s dementia in 2018. This number includes an estimated 5.5 million people age 65 and older and approximately 200,000 individuals under age 65 who have younger-onset Alzheimer’s. ~Alzheimer’s Association.
  • Nearly half (49 percent) of parents reported that a child with ASD had attempted to wander or run away at least once after age 4. ~autismspeaks.org
  • In 2017 the National Park Service alone reported 2,890 searches
  • Law enforcement sources say that 3 hours is still the critical time window